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Solaire Resort and Casino “1 in 1” – ONE Million FB Fans in ONE year

Solaire Resort and Casino, the fastest growing integrated resort in the country surpassed 1 Million Facebook “Likes” in one year ( a great milestone to mark its 1st year anniversary.

Solaire Resort and Casino

Solaire is the first integrated resort to embrace Social Media with its own in-house digital marketing team since the property opened in March 2013 and has indicated its strength within a year. Social Media is an essential part of their continuous efforts to innovate and provide impressive and exceptional entertainment to all their clientele. Growing engagement with fans of Solaire has contributed significantly to the business success. Social Media platforms will enhance the marketing plans of Solaire and allows them to interact and update regular patrons on all events, activities, shows and promotions.
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SM Cinemas FREE MOVIE Day on December 8, 2012!

Here’s an ultimate Christmas treat – SM Cinemas FREE MOVIE DAY on December 8, 2012 in all the SM Cinemas nationwide!

SM Cinema's Free Movie Day on December 8, 2012


How to Avail of SM Cinema FREE Movie Day tickets

To avail of this promo, you have to register first. I’m thinking this is a promotion for people to sign up SM Cinema’s e-PLUS Prepaid Card. So, be ready for that. You can probably book your FREE tickets online too. Not sure about the details, but we’ll have to watch out.

Registration starts on November 22nd until December 6th ONLY, so if you want those free cinema tickets, watch out for these dates and keep your eyes peeled on SM Cinema e-PLUS’ Facebook page.

I’ve been planning on registering to e-PLUS anyway, so this might be a good chance to register. Or I might skip this altogether if there’s no way to book your free tickets ahead of time. Just to be sure, stay tuned on November 22nd for further announcements and be one of the first batch of people to register.