Group Buying Sites in the Philippines

I am a self-confessed group-buying site enthusiast, and I’m currently trying to accomplish my goal to buy something from all the group deals sites here in the Philippines, so I can share my experience with each one of them with you. However, I know that’s impossible because there are some of these websites that might not even be around anymore by the time I finally get to them on my list.

To-date, there are over over 30 deal sites here and it can be hard to know or distinguish which ones are legit, who offers the best and worthwhile deals, and those that are not even worth our time. With this list, I hope to update you on the new deals sites that are emerging, the ones that you should trust, and the ones that must simply be ignored.

The list may not be complete, but this is very comprehensive as I’ve checked each one of them. If you want me to add a new group buying site on this list, feel free to contact me or leave a comment here.


Recommended Group Buying Sites in the Philippines

(This list is updated as of August 12, 2012.)




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